Commercial Services

Agency Work

Are you part of an advertising agency, design firm, film and video studio or publication? Perhaps a freelance art director, commercial Photographer, marketing or creative professional? If so, then you most likely need high quality people in your line of work. The kind that listen as well as they create original style.

Corporate & Professional

You know there will be cameras! Making Up Las Vegas will style you with the confidence and radiance you need when you walk in the door, down the runway, or perform on stage.

  • Red carpet events
  • Award ceremonies
  • Fashion shows
  • Beauty pageants
  • Dance competitions
  • Conventions
  • Industry education
  • Consumer education

Las Vegas Makeup and Hair for Events

Special events, special occasions or appearances at corporate ceremonies, it’s all important.

Commercial Creative Professionals

Have Making Up Las vegas be your broadcast, photography, media makeup and hair professional. Wind blown hair, sophisticated professional look, or personalities in-between? It’s your call. We have the experience needed to brighten, darken, tone, smooth, shine up or shine down. And make your subject look smashing with just the right vibe.

  • Television/Hi Def
  • Print advertising, packaging & promo
  • Web advertising, websites and blogs
  • Fashion & Editorial publications
  • Commercial & Portrait Photographers
  • Portfolio work

These are commercial videos we’ve been involved in from practical makeup and hair to theatrical, extravagant, and some just plain fun. We are able to secure or refer, models, photographers, stylists and venues when needed. Rates are industry standard.

Audi of Las Vegas

Photo shoot at Audi of Las Vegas, with photographer Tee Sandor, and his team at Rolling 24 Studios. Thematic makeup and hair.

Photography makeup

On set of photoshoot with Tee Sandor and Roos n more.

NDOT / Zero Fatalities Nevada: Marker Face

Thematic makeup : Sharpie art (with an eyeliner pen).

NDOT / Zero Fatalities Nevada: Wrong Side

Special effects makeup : Black eye, cuts and wrecked makeup from crying.

Otterbox Armor Series: The Road to Vegas part I

Otterbox Armor Series: The Road to Vegas part II

Otterbox Armor Series: The Road to Vegas part I

Otterbox Armor Series: The Road to Vegas part IV